The Academy is not an educational institution and does not provide educational services that require state licensing. The unique knowledge and know-how we will offer in the Academy are the result of many years of research and developments of Simcord, experts and scientists in public administration, economics and law.

The specialists of our Academy are currently developing curriculum consisting of a series of in-depth lectures and workshops. The curriculum includes modules on the following topics: an insight into information and applied economics, financial literacy, distributed ledger technologies and blockchain, digital assets in the market of products and services, digital platforms, features and unique options of the Bitbon System for financial and management accounting, contributing and “smart finance” during the transition to the digital age.

The Academy will start its activities according to the unique curriculum in mid-2023. This curriculum will include all the key academic and practice-oriented developments of our Center and some our partners as well as a program for personal testing of obtained knowledge inside the real decentralized platform with career prospects.