Our activities are aimed at ensuring a new quality of the common good through the introduction and promotion of digital technologies in various areas of life.

While doing research, we are guided by such values as innovative thinking, creative and interdisciplinary approach, independent scientific opinion and good faith.

Statutory Activities

Scientists and experts of the Center specialize in preparation of scientific and legal opinions, holding various scientific events, developing educational programs, independent certification and other activities.

Main Activity Areas

Development and systematization of the conceptual and categorical apparatus of laws and regulations governing relations using the distributed ledger technology (blockchain).

Implementation of our own and partner programs that provide for the use of the distributed ledger technology (blockchain) in all areas of life.

Holding international and national conferences, public hearings, consultations, expert reviews, monitoring procedures of regulatory acts or other laws related to the activity areas of the Center.

Facilitating attraction of investments for implementing unique ideas and research results of scientists in various fields.

Provision of methodological, informational, organizational support to natural persons, non-profit organizations, other legal entities, enterprises, institutions and organizations.