Types of Membership

Membership (for natural persons)

It is the best type of membership for those who would like to fully immerse themselves in digital asset management. Key advantages:

  • Participation in management of the Research Center of Blockchain Solutions through the general meeting at the annual conference (raising issues, voting).
  • Special conditions for publishing of your materials in indexed journals supported by our Center.
  • Special conditions for participation and access to training programs and webinars.
  • Advice on getting research grants.
  • Special conditions for access to new developments, digital solutions and offers of the Center and partner organizations.
  • Participation in activities of permanent and temporary working bodies.
  • Access to an international network of participants and discussions.
  • Access to the knowledge base of our Center.

Associate membership (for natural persons)

Available solely for persons who consider membership.

  • It is the best type for persons who cannot be members of the Center for any reason, which involves indication of area (areas) of cooperation enshrined in a relevant cooperation agreement or in another civil or commercial agreement.
  • Access to an international network of members and discussions.
  • Access to the knowledge base of the Center.
  • An opportunity to receive personal advice on various issues in the field of virtual assets.
  • Right to provide services (perform work) for the needs of our Center under a bilateral agreement.
  • An opportunity to take part in public events of our Center on special terms.
  • Use of benefits established by the decision of the Board of the Center drawn up in the relevant protocol to support certain events or activity areas of the Research Center of Blockchain Solutions if they state that such benefits cover associate members.

Associate membership extends according to the term of the bilateral cooperation agreement.

Membership in our Center is paid-for. All funds raised are used exclusively for the Center’s activities.

Detailed information on official conditions and advantages of membership will be announced in the near future. Follow our news on social media and during public events, which we hold on our own or together with our partners.


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