Participation of the Research Center in Winter IT School by  IT Cluster Transcarpathia

Participation of the Research Center in Winter IT School by IT Cluster Transcarpathia

On February 9, 2023, as part of cooperation with IT Cluster Transcarpathia, a representative of the Research Center of Blockchain Solutions was a speaker at the Winter IT School for students of the IT faculties in Transcarpathian region of Ukraine.

The Research Center of Blockchain Solutions was represented by Igor Dunayev, the director of the Research Center, Professor, Dr.Sc. in Public Administration, Professor at the V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. Igor Dunayev delivered a report to the students on the pressing topic “Blockchain and Modern “Government as a Platform”. What Could Be the World Leadership?”.

The report covered five key issues:

  1. Why has the modern world begun to “roll up” into digital platforms and governments are not the exception?
  2. What does the GaaP “Government as a Platform” suggest and warn against?
  3. Modern examples of the “Government as a Platform”: best practices and new encouraging solutions for blockchain technology.
  4. The difference between centralized and decentralized platforms.
  5. What does Ukraine offer the world, and why do we have no other way but to win the technological battle as well?

During his speech, Igor Dunayev quite convincingly outlined that modern Ukraine really does have a lot to offer Europe and the world, in particular:

  • virtual asset circulation environment and related ecosystems;
  • procedures for creating digital assets based on an initial asset and a digital system for accounting such data in blockchain ledgers;
  • interesting and real social and commercial projects built using tokenized assets;
  • new legislation and regulatory approaches that do not yet exist in the world.

The speaker is convinced that all of the above can make a significant contribution to the modernization of social relations towards more fair and people-centered ones.

The Winter IT School was one of the main events of the “Talent Management and Education” work area of IT Cluster Transcarpathia, and had been prepared jointly with the Uzhhorod National University and the Regional State Administration of Transcarpathia since September 2022.

More than 100 students, who want to use the opportunity to learn from the best professionals of the leading Ukrainian IT companies being residents of the IT cluster, participated in the Winter IT School in order to quickly join the IT sector.

The report presentation is available for download as requested by the students: