Official Website Research Center of Economic and Legal Solutions in the Area of Application of Distributed Ledger Technologies

The mission of the Center is to determine the future of the digital economy through the development and implementation of the latest mechanisms of legal regulation to ensure human rights and freedoms using information technologies.

The independent expert research center was established in November 2019 by active-minded Ukrainian scientists as an answer to challenges of digital era and globalization.


Our Expertise


We initiate and conduct our own applied research, prepare scientific and legal opinions, develop and systematize terms, provide organizational, methodological and informational support.


We hold various scientific events to raise awareness of the public and focus on current issues in the field of digital assets and tokenized economy.


We develop and support implementation of cutting-edge curricula, as well as develop educational methodologies, hold lectures, trainings and other events.


We conduct independent certification of virtual assets, advice businesspeople and officials, support attracting investments for implementation of innovative projects.

Principal Aim

The principal aim of the Research Center of Economic and Legal Solutions in the Area of Application of Distributed Ledger Technologies is to promote the distributed ledger technology (blockchain) as a structural element of the future Internet and apply it in all areas of life, as well as to establish and strengthen international relations in this area.


The Center conducts research to achieve the objectives and focus areas according to its mission and values.


The Center supports research and innovative developments in the field of implementation of the blockchain technology.



The specialists of the Center prepare scientific and legal opinions concerning the most topical and promising areas of application of the blockchain technology in different fields.



The scientists of the Center conduct research of decentralized platforms, legal nature and classification of virtual assets as well as area of their circulation.



The Center organizes and supports publication of research results in leading international scientific journals.

Scientific Papers

The Center offers original research, review papers and opinions of leading scientists from different countries.


We invite researchers for cooperation.


Board members

The Board of the Research Center is a group of scientists, professors, researches and businessmen who have united to perform activities that meet the mission and values of the Center.

Igor Dunayev
Chairperson of the Board of the Center, Dr.Sc. in Public Administration, Professor
Aleksandr Kud
Board Member of the Center, CEO of SIMCORD LLC, Researcher and Inventor
Olga Dmytryk
Board Member of the Center, Dr.Sc. in Law, Professor
Mykola Latynin
Board Member of the Center, Dr.Sc. in Public Administration, Professor
Serhii Manuilo
Board Member of the Center, Attorney, Researcher

A professional approach to cooperation and organization of processes is a guarantee of high-level implementation of research projects of the Center.



To accomplish its ambitious mission, our Center actively cooperates with reputable companies and organizations that are leaders in their business. We are ready to further expand the circle of partnership in Ukraine, Europe and worldwide.


Join the Center

By joining our Center, you become a part of the scientific community of the future.

Membership (for natural persons)
Associate membership (for natural persons)

Select Services

The Center provides a number of professional expert and analytical services, namely:
For Private

We offer out-of-the-box solutions for business to be more efficient.

For Universities

We assist with academic subject development.

For Public

We provide advice on preparation of projects of the regulatory and legal framework.

For Legal and Financial Sectors

We conduct independent reviews, provide scientific and methodological support.

For State Corporations

We promote corporate reforming through digital solutions.

Support the Center

The Center is a non-governmental non-profit organization that operates using earnings from statutory activities, membership fees and financial assistance from people who support our ideas and vision.